DARK RECOLLECTIONS Zine (Mexico) Issue 1

Dark Recolections Zine Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

DARK RECOLLECTIONS Zine (Mexico) Issue 1

Aaaaaaargh!! This is a real Gem of the Mexican underground press. Don’t confuse with the Mexican Label which is reediting some classics of the underground, nor other fanzines or webzines with the same name. This young editor managed to create such a fucking excellent debut of his zine, mainly touching doom, heavy and classic thrash metal music. And he wrote the whole damned document in English!! (Better than mine, as you can see!!) Format is small, but content is pretty good and interesting. He chats with CARRION (Switzerland), CAUCHEMAR (Canada), ENVENOMED (Mexico), HEATHEN HOOF (Finland), MILITIA (USA), ZÜÜL (USA), ENTRALIS (Sweden), MAUSOLEUM GATE (Finland), STONE DEMONS (Mexico) and BLIZARO (USA) Little bastard…..!! He also reviews some CDs and demos from the underground scene, and I must say that he does it with good taste. My recommendation for all of you mother fuckers, to lay your hairy testicles (or pussy) down on a couch, get a beer, switch on the fucking turntable, and enjoy this piece of metal media. You’ll feel the steel running through your veins immediately. – Zineaholic

Contact: darkrecollectionsfanzine(arroba)hotmail.com

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