MUNTUM TZECK (Mexico) Review

Muntum Tzeck Voltex Ten Years Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

MUNTUM TZECK “Voltex Ten Years”

Self Released

This is another example of Mexican underrated bands. Roberto Abornas is a metal warrior who is been fighting hard and kicking violently from the fucking underground, since more than 10 years (And, this is true, not like others who claim to be and are not) After a Demo and a couple of Full Length albums, he presents this compilation which includes four live tracks, some tracks from the “Demonology” Demo and some other tracks from the “Vortex” album. MUNTIM TZECK is a band playing death metal music very influenced by big names from American scene in the early 90’s, such as MORBID ANGEL, early DEATH and a bit of HYPOCRYSY. This last influence is denoted in “Vortex” section, where he includes some interesting keyboards and dark atmospheres among violent riffs and great vocals. Actually, the sound and the style of the band have evolved, and this compilation is the proof of it. I liked very much the raw style of the last section (which corresponds to “Demology” Demo), and I was really surprised with all this 90’s styled, death-doom metal sound. It’s melodic, obscure and with some touches of insane drama. Some great moments can be heard on “Before the life” track (a dark metal song) and the aggression “Forgotten Hate”. Recommended for worshipers of Mexican Death metal (from the underground scene, of course). – Victor Varas

Contact: habornaz (arroba)

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