Eugenic Death Crimes against humanity Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

EUGENIC DEATH “Crimes against humanity”

Heaven and Hell Records

This is a new American thrash metal band, and I have mixed feelings about it. If you say that there is a new wave of thrash metal bands making a great noise in the underground, I’ll say “Well, Hasn’t thrash metal been around enough time to say now that there is a new wave of the genre?” On the other hand, I can’t deny this is a pretty good band, and everything is on the right place. Maybe it’s true that they are taking advantage of the moment and are making good noise, and creating nostalgia stuff for those listeners of old American thrash metal gods. But, who knows? Maybe they are still looking for their own style and sound, and this is only a step on the stair way. On this debut album, they make some interesting guitar riffs, always very violent and with clear roots, like on “Indicative Deity” which reminds me G. Holt’s stuff. My favorite is “Medication Time”, a killer song which combines the so called “Bay Area style” with a total nightmare on rhythm section. Vocals are full of fury and aggressiveness, and fit perfect to the music wall. Yes, is a pretty good album, Yes, production is excellent and sounds better than any early thrash metal band. Yes, these kinds of bands are absolutely killer on stage. Yes, I liked the album. Yes, they also have to increase the originality, and not to fall into the hole of bastardization. And yes, call me when a new album is ready. – Victor Varas   (Thanx to Dave Wolff for the help on grammar)

Heaven and Hell Recs. Official Site

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