The Black Moriah Casket Prospects Promo Review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine

THE BLACK MORIAH “Casket Prospects Promo”


The promo only contains three pieces of metal and this is the kind of stuff I like to recommend because sounds pretty matured and predestinated to release good shit. Coming from people who has been involved in bands like ABSU, BLEED THE SUN, and PSYCHIATRIC REGURGITATION this demo attacks strong, with enough tech resources and good musical backgrounds. It’s full of high octane guitar riffs and all these tenebrous atmospheres which is a seal of the true knowledge of playing black metal with guts and honor. For instance, the melodic arrangements on “Chained and Confined” are awesome, and they don’t hesitate on delivering pure sharp power and luciferian darkness on the whole main riffs, plus a touch of violent thrash metal. Musically speaking, they already know where stands the band, and where those violent riffs must be oriented. My favorite on the promo is the homonymous “Casket Prospects”, which is a mature and fast song with a red fire stench of punkish Mötorhead flavor. Here, they created conceptual paradigms, like if they had had step in a thin line between madness, blood and darkness. It’s a great exposure of what they are cooking at rehearsal room. I hope this name will get world’s attention soon, as it left me really thirsty for what is up coming. – Victor Varas

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