INFECTED OMNIPOTENCE (Dominican Republic) Review

Infected Omnipotence Global Infection Review at Zombie Ritual Zine


VM Records

I think this is my first contact with extreme metal scene coming from Dominican Republic, and I have to say that I didn’t expect such an amazing brutal attack of death metal. Now we are talking!! I got here four pieces of sonic destruction, full of amazing and powerful guitar riffs. These guys play extremely fast and brutal, and they don’t stop the massacre until the last note. Of course, they have huge influences coming from the American death sound in the middle of the 90’s, plus a heavy touch of Polish sound, as they also included, in a good sense, excellent resources. “Procreating Golgotha” is a good example of the aforementioned. As I said before, they have very good influences on their personal sound, including a great performance at vocals; you know this guttural style as if vocalist had had drunk a couple of blood shots before singing. Total support to this underground gang, which stands now in the first line of the road of international extreme music. On this EP is included an excellent cover version of Vader’s “Wings”. – Victor Varas


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