GUTWRENCH (Mexico) Review

Gutwrench Mausoleum to Dwell & Rot in Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

GUTWRENCH “Mausoleum … To Dwell & Rot In”

Razorback Records

Slow, rotten and heavy. These are the first adjectives coming to my mind when I played for the first time the CD. Coming from the north of Mexico, these blokes did an excellent debut album after the well acclaimed “Domain of pure putrescence” demo. The roots on the most creepy and low tuned death metal are noticeable, and they have very clear what they wanted on this first album. Besides that I don’t like the mix (I think the guitar distortion sounds better on the demo) everything sounds on its place and direct to the face. Actually, these musicians are veterans of this business, as most of them were part of a band called MORBICUS in the early 90’s, so it was natural to create a very rotten and obscured death metal sound, with the “classic” old school style. As I mentioned before, the music sounds slow and rotten, with deep growling vocals and guitar riffs extremely creepy as if they were smudged and drowned in blood. My favorite is “Horrible Excruciation” which delivers a really cool punkish rhythm on the first section, behind an excellent violent and putrid atmosphere, and the master piece “Beyond the Hills of Maggotville” which is also found in the demo, but here sounds creepy and stinky as hell!! As far as I know, this is the first Mexican band signed by Razorback Records, and you can’t miss them you bastards!!! PS. As extra info, Mr. Hitchcock from ZOMBIEFICATION did some vocals as guest. – Victor Varas

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