PARAGON BELIAL (Germany) Review

Paragon Belial Nosferathu Sathanis Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

PARAGON BELIAL “Nosferathu Sathanis”

Blood Red Horizon

I do not care if this silver plate was published 1000 years ago and will be released tomorrow, no matter who the hell will edit it. What it matters to me, is that all who claims to be true black metal fans must have this album in their collection. There are 9 themes which include a cover of the song “Horus / Aggressor” by Hellhammer.
This is music was made “with balls” for people “with balls”. I could describe the whole album track by track, or steal other zines reviews, but, don’t you like Black Metal? Paragon Belial is one of the unleashed devil’s children to cover the earth in darkness. – Aztec Blood  (Translation by Luisa Moonster)

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