Power Theory An Axe to Grind Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

POWER THEORY “An Axe to Grind”

Pure Steel Records

It’s a pretty good second album from these blokes from Pennsylvania. I have to mention that many aspects of the band caught me indeed, in first place, the powerful voice of Dave Santini who really did an excellent work in the whole album. It’s not a secret that he is a huge fan of R. Halford, as his style sounds similar, but Dave knows that he don’t have to abuse on high screams and he uses perfectly the mid ranges, and that’s brilliant because his voice fits excellent and sounds great. The style developed on this album is a heavy metal in a very American and traditional ways, mixed with some parts of strong thrash metal riffs. It would be a bad statement if I say that they are into a modern sound, but I recognize the work developed and the huge hours spent as they built these melodic guitar riffs behind an incredible heavy metal feeling, and pure steel attack. They also managed to have a great sound at the mix table. My favorite in the album is “Pure Steel”, and certainly this song was built on a metallic power feeling. You know, this kind of metal songs where you raise your fucking fist on the air and feel the red fire running through your veins. My advice to dig more about these Americans, I’m sure they’ll deliver more news in the near future. – Victor Varas


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