Infinitum Obscure Sub Atris Caelis Review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine


Deathgasm Records

Mmmmh!, long time since I hear nothing of Roberto and his legions of metal, even the EP to be edited by myself, what happened is that it was edited in Sweden!, which it deserves a public apology! After the demo release they edited their second album. The riff’s that open the album are like an invitation to go to a war where you know you will die. Well the whole album is epic, melancholic, powerful and aggressive. Names such as “Serenade for Destruction“, “Seeding Darkness” and “Toward the Eternal Dark” already describe the scene of a battle, with hate and force structures based on sharp sound guitar, along with a relentless rhythm section, the voice is accurate not too high or so low it´s more like aligned on  tunes of hate ready for battle.”Adventus Mortis” is like the melancholy of the final defeat, opening the way to a march toward immortality that comes with “Messenger of Chaos I“. This is Death Metal with feeling, with darkness and full of hatred. This CD is produced by Bill Metroyer with a very artistic and pro presentation. Infinitum Obscure is the soundtrack the souls of dead warriors who drink the Lethe and listen before to reincarnate. – Aztec Blood. (Translation by Luisa Moonster)

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