THIRTEEN WARS (Germany) Review

Thirteen Wars Towards Devastation

THIRTEEN WARS “Towards Devastation”

Self Released

Excellent thrash album coming from Germany. It’s curious, because they’ve recovered an interesting American sound into the music, round the Bay Area Style of course, but also manage to insert great arrangements on the German side, and the result is risky, but quite effective. The band is into war themes, and they know how to explode all these musical resources. As we all know, the German underground scene is full of good ideas and metal heads, so I think this is a band with a bright horizon. Actually, this is one of the most professional recordings I ever heard from an independent band, and they seem to be working hard for a good promotion. As aforementioned, they practice a good thrash metal which sounds fresh, violent and utterly well done. My antenna goes to “Reign of Terror” which sounds a little more violent and speedy than the rest of the CD, and definitely the work on the drums is astonishing. If you are looking for an interesting thrash metal band, away from the fashion, and with an 80’s odor and sharp guitar riffs, this is a good option. – Victor Varas

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