THRAW (Slovenia) Signs with Metal Tank Records

THRAW ad at Zombie Ritual Zine

Metal Tank Records is proud to announce the signing of the Slovenian thrash metal machine THRAW.
THRAW are currently in an early phase of pre-production for their first full-length creation. The album will be recorded in the following months. Expect a composition of fast riffing, crushing sound, technical dual-leads and atomic speed.
Band comment about the upcoming release: “If you like the aggression, complexity and brutality of Dark Angel, Sadus, Razor etc., combined with the sense of melody, put into limelight by Forbidden and alike, then THRAW will surely become one of your favorite acts to bang your head on“.

Below can be heard “Injecting Hate”, a remastered title track from the second release of THRAW unleashed in 2008.

Link to the video:

Metal Tank Records | TRUE HELLISH NOISE! |

(Copied from the original Press Bulletin)

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