APOCALYPTIC Zine Issue 2 (Chile) Review

Apocalypcticzine Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

APOCALYPTIC Zine Issue 2 (Chile)

Thanx to my friend Mario Gallardo from X Reviews zine I got this great document from the metalic underground. Although this is the second issue, the editors managed to release it professionally printed and the cover is on glossy paper, with ads, labels, catalogues, and pretty well known names on it. This editor seems to be a good fellow and a hard worshiper of heavy metal music on the blackest and stinky side. I found very interesting the chats section because he included some great collaborators such as Javi Bastard (Hellspawn Magazine from Spain) and Gilbert (C.T.T.I.H. Zine from Costa Rica), and just check out the names on the black list: IMPIETY (Singapore), VASAELETH (USA), the excellent band CAPILLA ARDIENTE (Chile), DIABOLICAL MESSIAH (Chile), CEREMONIAL (Chile), DARK THRONE (interview also found in HELLSPAWN Mag Issue IV), FORCE OF DARKNESS (Chile), SCYTHIAN (UK), SADISTIK GOAT HAMMER (Chile), TRIBULATION (Sweden), DENOUNCEMENT PYRE (Australia), GODLESS (Chile), DYING (Chile), KERASPHORUS (Well, If someone answers the half of my questions I definitely don’t publish a shit. What happens with this jerk Helmkamp?!!) PROCESSION (Chile), ABREKADAVER (Chile), the editors of NOISE AND SHIT Mag., HETROERTZEN (Chile) and ASPHYX (interview done by Gilbert U. Xerxes). Of course there is a huge review section and the vision of the editor is objective and clear on his statements. This is an excellent fanzine from south of heaven. Support mother fuckers!! – Zineaholic

Contact: apocalypticzine (arroba) gmail.com

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