EXODIA (Spain) Review

Exodia Slow Death Review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine

EXODIA “Slow Death”

Art Gates Records

Well, this is another new gang of mother fuckers playing thrash metal music. This time the noise comes from the Iberian Peninsula, and they really know how to play violent and good achieved guitar riffs. I don’t know what the hell have guitarists in Spain; they have a natural disposition in the instrument and they focus the music with good elements and good taste. Here, the name is Pablo Tello and maybe we will hear more of him in a near future. Back in the album, this band created a quite violent and fast kind of thrash with touches of “modern” death core music. And here I’ll stop for a moment, because the arrow almost loses its way on tracks like “Creating addicts” or the melodic “The desire of Darkness” and it all goes to hell; both of them are quite good songs but they may fit better on a modern death core band. Anyway, the album has very good songs like “She begs for mercy” which has a heavy metal touch on the main riff guitar before a very violent cataclysm, or the astonishing “Fight my cock with your palate” (hehehe!!) a great mix of speed, guitar technique and American thrash metal feeling. My advice if you are buying this album, don’t jump from your seat if you hear some resembles of that’s so called “modern” (and weak) metal. – Victor Varas



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