INSET (Poland) Review

Inset Last Breath Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

INSET “Last Breath” EP

Self Released

It’s a great first attack from these Polish death metallers. They seem to have quite experience on these death music business, and created a four track EP full of intense death metal (Polish trade mark of course) with good touches of violent thrash metal. I really like the work of the guitars; they sound intricate and sophisticated, but they are far from sounding bored. Also they did some excellent arrangements like on the first section of the second track (sorry, I have no track list) with some tapping on bass guitar, and that’s having musical resources! Vocal sounds deep and monstrous (in a good sense) and this mother fucker seems to drink some sulfuric acid or something to get that tune. Shit, I like when vocalists in death metal mix these reflexive guitar lines with violent speeches. This EP is a big punch to the Polish metal underground scene, and we expect more of them soon. – Victor Varas


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