NIHILIST (Macedonia) / NADIMAC (Serbia) Split

Nihilist Nadimac Split Review at Zombie Ritual Zine


Chaosphere/Terror Blast Prods.

Finding a band playing thrash metal in Serbia it’s definitely something that is not seen every day, but finding a Split album with one from Macedonia… oh man!! That’s interesting!! And please, don’t misunderstand me, I really want to express my admiration to metal scenes from those places, and I just don’t want to be ambiguous. Thanx to the crazy dude from Terror Blast Prods, I got this Split, and there are some crazy and interesting things coming from both bands. First side is for Macedonian NIHILIST which is a twisted thrash metal band rooted in punk / hard core style and full of power and guts. These songs belong to a live recording, so I can hear a crude version of the music. And the band sounds pretty good. They mix Thrash metal with the hard corish and aggressive style aforementioned and guttural vocals. The result is powerful and engaged with social themes. Last track is a cover version of PRO – PAIN. The second side of the Split belongs to the Serbian NADIMAC and here I find an excellent thrash metal stuff, mixed with violent Crossover style and traces of Speed metal. These guys really know how to desecrate their instruments and since the first track the attack is violent, deadly and precise. The vocalist sings in his mother tongue, and he does it very fast and fluid. You know, when metal is sung in local languages, the result sounds particularly interesting, and “exotic” (to say something). Nadimac has been a very prolific band, and they seem to be quite occupied to develop a very good shit since many years ago. All tracks are played fast, violent and with excellent technique, great for stage. This stuff is utterly recommended. – Victor Varas


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