INQUISITOR (Lithuania) Review

Inquisitor The Quantum Theory of Id Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

INQUISITOR “The Quantum Theory of Id”

Forgotten Path

This is a very interesting album coming from Lithuania. These musicians formed the band in 2002, and released a couple of demos before the first Full Length album. It was worth the wait time. It’s a black metal album totally in a conceptual format and rooted on philosophy, metaphysic science, and personal inner thoughts. Like a great journey to inner cosmos. I liked very much how the created some great pieces of music with sophisticated guitar lines, and experimental sections like on track “Corpus Hermeticum” which is a long track divided in different sections, very descriptive and full of twisted tunes. Indeed, they sometimes overlap acoustic piano lines on the depressive music, and this gives an interesting result, like a soundtrack of an old movie or something. At the end, I would say that they found the way to mix obscured metal music with some brilliant elements borrowed from progressive rock. Yes, it’s what some would call “Avant-Garde black metal” (term which I still don’t understand anyway) Recommended for those who are searching new horizons in black metal music. – Victor Varas

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