WARMONGER (Italy) Review

Warmonger Rites of Vengeance Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

WARMONGER “Rites of Vengeance”

Onslaught Records

Aaaaaaaaaargh!! What a piece of fucking thrash metal!! This is a reissue from the Mexican label Onslaught Records, and as far as I know, it comes with another cover art and no extra tracks, but the album is worth. These motherfuckers used to play in other bands (which I don’t know them) and decided to create this monster cock, just to play solid thrash metal music, very influenced by known American bands. They sound absolutely aggressive and violent, as music delivers a fucking wall full of truly fast massacre. The guitar’s work is fast and denotes great technique, by the time they attack on compass, and also the soloing has good taste. As I said, they developed the style very rooted on American sound and they know how to play fast and twisted, but I can still enjoy it. I liked the way music is driven through some heavy metal ways, like “Rabid Sex Ambition” which some guitar riffs are definitely full of steel, or the short track “T.N.T.” which is a great example of speed thrash metal. This CD includes a cover version of “Into the Crypts of Rays” (you know already the band’s name…) and it sounds quite good. Again, this is an excellent release from the Label based in Mexico. – Victor Varas



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