ANTIGAMA (Poland) Review

Antigama Stop the Chaos review at Zombie Ritual Zine

ANTIGAMA “Stop the Chaos” EP

Selfmadegod Records

Shit! I played this CD and I didn’t realize that the volume knob was on a lethal position. The scare was ridiculously big! Hehe!! It’s my first contact with this prolific band and I found really interesting the mix of death metal with grind core elements they’ve developed. Actually, the production is awesome and denotes musicians very professional and take care every detail. They practice a very fast and powerful music, rooted on death metal, but they also use some excellent progressive elements, and the result sounds dynamic and intricate. They got some really high octane guitar riffs like on “Stop the Chaos”, and have the good taste to mix it properly with metal genres aforementioned, all tied and well achieved. With violent tempo changes, the band prepares interesting death metal stuff, and from time to time delivers some twisted sections, near to what is called experimental metal music. It’s an interesting EP based in a modern perspective of creating twisted and extreme music, rooted on death metal. – Victor Varas

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