Empire's Darkness 10 Años de Oscuro Metal

EMPIRE’S DARKNESS “10 Años de Oscuro Metal”

Self Released

The process of making grow a music band is large, tedious and unfortunately you’ll never know what to expect after many years of work. Only the true warriors will survive this process, and only they will know if the result is ok, according to the band’s objectives, or when the sound is stepping outside the original concept. In this case, Juan Angel (lead vocals and guitar) seems to know where the fuck is the band in this moment, and where is the road they must walk, in order to keep musical congruence. Coming from the north of Mexico, this gang plays a solid mix of black metal and death metal (in a primitive form), adding some very welcomed sprinkles of punkish stuff ala Motörhead, Venom, (early) Hell Hammer, etc. The result is quite good and somehow organic, and I want to underline the authentic attitude of the whole band. They are not rockstars trying to make a fashionable stuff. They are fucking rude, and music reflects this vibe. This CD-R is a compilation of all material they’ve been working since 1997, and truly I can hear how the band has developed the concept through great ideas and different states of mind. It’s a musical process going on. I liked many tracks, like “Lightstone” which I think represents the sound and identity they are looking for, delivering high octane guitar riffs through a punkish and crude rhythm at drums. They also included some cool live tracks, and they seem to be quite popular and successful in their area. The production is crude and direct to the bone, but you can hear almost every detail coming from these mother fuckers. I think that last year they released a Full Length album via Inframundo Records, don’t miss them!! As extra info, Juan is the editor of Metal Militia Zine. – Victor Varas



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