ULTIMATUM (Mexico) Review

Ultimatum Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

ULTIMATUM “Ultimatum”

Sade Records (Re edition)

Well, this is another re edition of a rare Mexican jewel, coming from the 80s. Originally produced in 1986, the album is one of those “hard to find” diamonds from the first heavy metal wave of Mexican Scene. I think that it deserves every word of the aforementioned, as the music denotes high quality and, in the past this band was a successful phenomenon, which unfortunately only released a couple of productions. I got in my hands the first album, and it contains 10 tracks of truly traditional heavy metal done with steel in the heart and the distinct trademark of melodic 80s, which was very popular in those years, of course. The band also added some elements borrowed from hard rock (light and fresh), but their main business was on the musical steel attack, rooted and influenced by American school. Guitar’s sound is awesome, and denotes fingers very well trained on the most complex and clean school. The guitar solo on “Agitando la noche”, “Terminó”, or the instrumental track “Prometeo”, are good examples of the aforementioned, as both sounds are powerful and with huge creativity. The CD includes two live songs recorded at the old Temple of metal “Arena Lopez Mateos”, and although both sound away, these are excellent examples of the band’s professionalism. Another jewel highly recommended!! – Victor Varas

Label contact:

saderecords (arroba) gmail.com

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