WITTICISM (Germany) Review

Witticism Anthems for the World's Downfall Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

WITTICISM “Anthems for the World’s Downfall”

Self Released

There are so many aspects I liked from this production. First, it’s an excellent self produced and self released CD, done with absolutely professionalism and guts.  If you are going to auto promote your work, you have to be prepared for all kind of circumstances, but somehow these guys reached a high status and they’ve been doing the right things. And the product is astonishing: 11 tracks of death metal mixed with some traces progressive metal, and black metal, everything is very well tied and driven with good taste. I really liked this band because they took the risk, and they experimented with tons of rhythm sections. The music has many great moments through the composition process, like on the track “This Cold Serenity”; inside I find very interesting epic lines, reinforced by solid orchestrations on keyboards. This track delivers a dark atmosphere in color sepia, which contrasts with the guttural vocals and aggressive drums. My favorite one is the track “Ember”, and here the main guitar riff sounds somehow very apocalyptic, and resembles the melodic death metal created in the north of Europe, some years ago. The band have been active since 2004, and released a couple of albums before this one. Definitely it’s a production you can’t miss if you are looking for independent metal bands coming from Germany. Highly Recommended!! – Victor Varas

Contact: witticism.de

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