VOID MOON (Sweden) Review

Void Moon On the Blackest of Nights Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

VOID MOON “On the Blackest of Nights”

Cruz del Sur Music

I don’t think that this young gang is a lost son of CANDELMASS. But I have to admit that their roots are into this kind of solid doom metal, with sinister vibes and obscured feelings, created by the Leif and Company. Coming from the cold Sweden, these musicians released a first full album stepping strong into the underground scene. Seems that they are quite experienced on this business, because they wrote strong and heavy guitar riffs on every track, delivers excellent songs, and all are obscured and powerful like shit! They use a lot the mid range rhythms, and that’s why their interests belongs to old doom metal style. Also, there are a great amount of interesting epic lines, and all of them are driven with professionalism and good taste. My favorite one is “Through the Gateway”, which is a hymn of obscured rock, forged into the truly red fire of heavy metal. As aforementioned, the weight of all guitar riffs is astonishing, and fits perfect with the voice of Jonas Gustavsson, a guy who knows very well how to take advantage of his own throat, and delivers excellent performance without falling into childish mistakes. “Among the Dying” is another song to underline, since shows the dramatic side of the band. It’s an excellent song coming from the most obscured, touchy (to say something) and passionate place of their hearts. Be prepared to grind your states of mind after listening to this Magnus Opus. This band is one of my discoveries of the year. – Victor Varas



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