OLD THRONE (Mexico) Review

Old Throne Demo 2011 Review

OLD THRONE “Demo 2011”

Self Released

What I have in my hands is a CD-R demo version, but according to my research, part of this material has already been released in a Split with other three black entities. Coming from Guadalajara, these demons released a couple of demos before they recorded this stuff. They are clearly influenced by this cold black metal sound coming from the north of Europe (in the 90’s) and delivers pure fucking blasphemies and sharp guitar riffs, all very well tied into an occultism miasma. They have great moments, like “Black Nazareth”, a track where I find truly poisonous atmospheres through destructive guitar lines and twisted rhythms. Actually, the guitar work is excellent, violent as hell, and all the time seems to be spitting melodic and demonic lines. The inclusion of keyboards completes the square, giving a significant touch to the whole opus. Let’s say that it sounds more atmospheric, which is an obvious statement (I know). Musically speaking, there is nothing new here, but the fact is that all these atmospheres sounds pretty good and they fit on the compositions. It’s another black metal band, drowned in occultism stuff, and working on interesting music. – Victor Varas


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