NORDIC WOLF (Bolivia) Review

Nordic Wolf Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

NORDIC WOLF “Cosmic Existence”

Self Released

First, I’m not really sure if there are wolves in Bolivia. At least, not the Nordic ones, but yes, there are some really cold parts in that country, and you can find endemic fauna such as Condors, Llamas, etc. Why the hell am I saying this? Oh… it doesn’t matters. The point is that I find something going wrong on the name of the band. Well, these guys posted me some time ago their First Full Length album, and very enthusiastic asked me for a review. They play a very melodic mix of melodic black metal with death metal, adding some elements borrowed from doom metal and atmospheric stuff. Honestly, they have to work more to become a real good band, as well as to find an own personality, because almost every song sounds flat on compositions, they took some exercises to “create” the guitar riffs, and the result sounds bored and repetitive. They have some good moments, like the powerful song “Sunset of the Gods”, which manages great tempo changes, and good guitar riffs, or the instrumental “Strange Voyage”, which holds and great doom metal spirit, ala 90’s. Maybe the inclusion of cosmic keyboards gives a fucking “Gothic” touch to the music, which is something I really hate. But, anyway, these guys made a great effort and released this album themselves. And that’s something to underline, behind detuned guitars, ok?  – Victor Varas

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