THRASHGRINDER (Finland) Review

Thrashgrinder Seeds of Revolution review at Zombie Ritual Zine

THRASHGRINDER “Seeds of Revolution”

Americal Line Prods.

I purchased this CD in a show the band, offered in Mexico City. The revival of thrash metal genre is outstanding nowadays, and definitely it worth to know bands like this one. Based in Finland, these motherfuckers created an excellent thrash metal attack full of violent guitar riffs, twisted drum rhythms and a truly old school spirit a la 80’s decade in USA. Actually, the music is deeply rooted on the American old school from the 80’s, and certainly they don’t create anything new, but the trademark is noticeable from the distance. I liked the band, mainly because I saw them on stage, and they are really good. I remember that it was a tremendously thrash metal/crossover devastation, and all tracks sounded like pure red fire. They put some sprinkles of hard core stench inside the spirit of the music, and of course the result sounds with a punkish atmosphere, like on “Seed of Revolution”, or in “Failed Future”. If you read the lyrics, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’m sure that this solid attitude is because of the Latin-American origins of Rodrigo Artiga (Vocalist). And I think that’s a main reason to sing in a band for all Latin-Americans: to show what’s going on in our surrounding, and denounce the rotten system in the Third world. Well, this is a CD ultra recommended for thrasher metal maniacs and for those who are really into violent thrash metal with roots in American tradition. – Victor Varas 

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