DISHAMMER (Spain) Review

Dishammer Vintage Addiction Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

DISHAMMER “Vintage Addiction”

Hells Headbangers

Yes I know. Now everybody knows this shameless band, lovers of punk music, stinky metal, motorcycles and sex. They released some rancid and destructive Records before they stopped (temporally) to dedicate themselves to other bands, and this is their only and unique Full length album. They are obviously influenced by the most putrid, dirty, hot and rude punk rock n’ roll (and who knows what else), and the music sounds like a hellish stampede in a Robbie Williams’ concert. Ok, not, but it sounds violent. Really. Coming from Spain, this gang of motherfuckers did an excellent work, forged in punkish style, with sprinkles of Motörhead here and there. The result is awesome and it worth to hear the whole CD with a couple of beers (and a couple of sluts). Tracks like “Age of Disgrace” makes me think that I’m not too old to start a new band with my old drunk fellows and torture my Christian neighbors. Who knows? Maybe one day. Recommended to drunk people and stinky motorcyclists. – Victor Varas 

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