GORELUST (Canada) Review

Gorelust Reign of Lunacy Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

GORELUST “Reign of Lunacy”

Re Issue by PRC MUSIC

If you are into old death metal bands coming from Canada, maybe you will remember this name coming from Quebec, in the middle of 90’s. They did excellent death metal stuff on this unique Full length album, and barely I remember I read a review somewhere in a couple of underground fanzines. Yep, this is a good production, and according to the press info, was re released a couple of times, but with poor results, so this time everybody can enjoy again, thanx to PRC Music. The music sounds clear, violent and for moments it also sounds quite complex, because this guys liked to mix death metal riffs into twisted rhythms, and they did excellent sections. They’ve got some approach to what later was called “fast brutal death metal”, and that’s a pleasure because I can hear the real roots of the genre before it was overproduced in the Studio, if you know what I mean. My favorite is “Antropophagist” which delivers a massive aggressiveness through caustic guitar riffs, and extremely deep vocals. This album includes a cover version of “Extreme Aggressions”, original by… well, you should know the band if you are reading this damned page. Excellent album you don’t want to miss again!!!  – Victor Varas


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