MEPHORASH (Sweden) Review

Mephorash Chalice of Thagirion review at Zombie Ritual Zine

MEPHORASH “Chalice of Thagirion”

Grom Records

Well, this is one of those young metal bands coming from the north, looking for a place in the worldwide underground scene. And they have good elements to place themselves in a good position. It seems to be a black metal band with a “straight to the point” attitude, since they released one full length album last year, and this year they present another one. No demos, no EP’s, no shit. Music is violent, misanthropic and full of darkness, as we all know from the genre itself, but I really liked how this guys mixed aggressive elements with dark melodies. All is driven with experienced background, and as I said before, the musicians are to conquer the underground sooner or later. If they are coming from a Nordic place, of course they are quite influenced by Nordic style, such as Dissection, early Dark Funeral, etc. but also I can smell a stench of death metal on the atmosphere, since they borrowed some guitar riffs from that genre, and blended them inside the production. The result is quite interesting, and creates a metaphor above a frozen miasma, full of evil and angry guitar riffs. As I said before, this band has quite good elements to excel over the Nordic black metal scene. Roots are strong and visible. Hopefully I’ll hear more of them in the future. – Victor Varas

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