NOMINON (Sweden) Review

Nominon The Cleansing Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

NOMINON “The Cleansing”

DeathGasm Records

If my memory doesn’t cheats, this is their fourth or fifth full length album, and definitely is one of the most awaited in the underground scene. These mother fuckers are still playing death metal in the most powerful, obscured and putrid way and they kept the essence of Swedish movement (Stockholm) in the early 90’s. Sadly, I can’t say that they innovated into the genre, although the music itself explores many twisted sides I didn’t know from their own sound, and for moments, they re vitalized the genre with interesting sections. “Son of Doom” is a good example of the aforementioned, and this impressed me because they created great atmospheres through violent riff guitars and red melodic lines. Henke’s vocals are deep and furious, and he caught the right moment to attack the microphone with violence, sludge and blood. I think that he’s style changed a little bit this time, and his taste for Danish death metal vocalists is more notorious. It’s a cool addition to your death metal collection, if you are deeply into a new generation of bands hanged in old school style. If you are sick of this genre, stay away. Fuck you anyway!! – Victor Varas

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