VÖRGUS (Sweden) Review

Vorgus Hellfueled Satanic Action Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

VÖRGUS “Hellfueled Satanic Action”

Infernö Records

Oh man! How I like this band. They have this totally dirty and hellish style thrash metal, with no childish pretentions, nor rock star’s wannabies, and that’s a very important aspect you must get, if you don’t want to fall into stupid trends. This is a satanic thrash metal attack, and they don’t ask permission to smash your ears with truly offensive guitar riffs, rooted on rude metal. For moments they sound like dirty thrash metal mixed with sprinkles of heavy metal, but obviously they are looking for an own sound and style. The vibe is delivered with attitude and the voice of Nenne is absolutely rooted on rancid heavy metal, like Venom, Motörhead, and that’s a strong element which gives personality to the concept. They also have some fast songs, like “Slave” or “In Metal We Trust” which also borrowed some guitar riffs from speed metal, and the result is powerful as shit. My favorite is “Kill to Live to Kill”, which is an excellent mid pace song, with solid heavy metal guitar riffs, and a truly powerful chorus. It’s a CD you must get, if you like dirty and satanic metal. – Victor Varas



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