MASS INSANITY (Poland) Review

Mass Insanity Silent Language Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

MASS INSANITY “Silent Lenguage”

Brewery Distro

Shit! The more I dig on my room, the more I find stuff like this CD, which was sent for review in the time when Zombie Zine was on printed version. Coming from Poland, this gang of death metallers released what seems to be a compilation of the old demos, and somehow I can hear how they grew musically speaking. Of course they had experience playing extreme music, as the recording is raw but well achieved. Also, they’ve got some good ideas, thrash rhythms and sticky guitar riffs here and there, so it is a matter of time that they can consolidate an own style. Tracks like “Our creation” have interesting approaches to brutality, and everything is well driven without childish mistakes. My favorite is “Grave without a cross” which is an excellent death metal attack in the vein of early Morbid Angel, and delivers a putrid stench through raw guitar riffs and volatile vocals. This band released the first full length album in 2011. – Victor Varas

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