LEGIONS OF WAR (Sweden) Review

Legions of War Towards Death review at Zombie Ritual Zine

LEGIONS OF WAR “Towards Death”

Infernö Records

I remember I wrote a review of the demo from this band, when the Zombie zine was on printed version. They continued with the line of aggressive thrash/ black metal, and clearly developed a style influenced by both genres, but without falling in mistakes. Guitar riffs are the main base of this attack, and they know how to create violence through a crude wall of sound. Everything has a rancid stench, and I consider this mix of thrash metal as a legitimate Scandinavian holocaust, as they transmit dead proclamations and apocalyptic traces. Tracks like the “Reflections from the Past” and its brother “Dead Man Walking” (“A soldier’s Departure Pt. 1 and 2”) delivers melodic guitar riffs, but everything is tied with frozen atmospheres and creates quite interesting sounds of dead and destruction. This is a band looking for an own sound, and is moving the ass to get a good promotion in the underground. It’s highly recommended if you are into blackened metal bands rooted in aggressive thrash metal. – Victor Varas



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