THE FALLOUT MAGAZINE Issue 11 (Australia) Review

The Fallout Magazine review at Zombie Ritual Zine

THE FALLOUT MAGAZINE Issue 11 (Australia)

When I said that Liam Guy, MALAKYTE’s drummer, was a quite active guy, it was seriously. Seems like he lives, eats and shits metal music 24 hours a day. Here is the issue 11 of his magazine and it really worth to take a look on it. 45 pages full of interesting heavy metal information with no compromises are not easy to make, and certainly this guy puts a piece of his iron heart on every page. He chats with ELECTRIC RETARD (an interesting webcomic), SKINTILLA (Australia), EARTH (Australia), DESTROYER 666 (Australia), BE’LAKOR (Australia), OVER KILL (USA), ROB HALFORD (UK), KILLRAZER (Australia), DISENTOMB (Australia), EPICA (Netherlands), ARCH ENEMY (Sweden), LORD (Australia), VOYAGER (Australia), INFECTED (Australia), JUDGEMENT DAY (USA), QUILTER’S BANE (Australia). The Editor also includes some interesting Gig reports, such like Scream Fest (Sidney), Destroyer 666, Vomitor, Slayer, Megadeth; and a Tour he head with SHRAPNEL in the area of Darwin. Also, I found some articles (Watch Tower rules!!! btw) and of course, some audio reviews. As you can see, this Magazine focuses mainly in Australian territory, and is truly interesting to read what’s going on that side of the world. Recommended to collectors of printed zines and metal freaks in general. As extra info, this magazine seems to have switched the format, and now is a downloadable E- zine. – Zineaholic

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