BadrVogu Exitium review at Zombie Ritual Zine

BÄDR VOGU “Exitium”

Memento Mori

Holy piece of sludge! These guys tuned their instruments low, as the most deep and recondite place of hell, and created so fucking heavy guitar riffs that you will go down in a blood bath. Coming from Oakland, California, these motherfuckers developed truly deadly and venomous atmospheres by heavy guitar riffs, mid pace rhythms, deep growls and doomed vibes. The result sounds like if you mix Black Sabbathian’s guitar karma with the most crude and punkish crust style. It may turn your mind catatonic. All tracks have primitive guitar riffs, and all of them draw interesting melody lines. Of course they are looking for a properly sound, and production is crude, like a piece of human bone in a morgue, but is quite effective and definitely they were spot, as I hear the feedback in the guitars sounds organic and doughy. My favorite song is “Extinguished”, a tenebrous opus full of darkness, oppressive elements, dead stench and blood. It’s pure blood red. Actually, this song is the closest approach to death metal, and this denotes strong roots on the genre. It’s another recommended production coming from this label. Good musical tastes. – Victor Varas




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