TRENCH HELL (Australia) Review

Trench Hell Southern Cross Ripper Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

TRENCH HELL “Southern Cross Ripper”

Hells Headbangers Records

Australia again, motherfuckers!! And this time from the Central Coast region. Yep, something is going on in this continent, and almost all bands creates such twisted, evil spirited and aggressive music, just to cut your fucking throat. These motherfuckers released this EP some years ago and it deserves to be commented. Taking elements from Speed metal and Thrash metal, the music delivers an astonishing mix of fast music, obscurity, aggression, and the result is quite effective. It sounds like a destructive black machine incinerates the green fields of God. Hehehe!! Ok, I’ll stop drinking now. Seriously, this trio has deep roots into the most blasphemous and punkish music, and they also have been involved in several bands such as Shackles, Gospel of the Horns, or Kill for Satan, so, they know what they are doing. My favorite track is “Infernal Screaming”, which is a black opus full of horror and violence like a nightmare. The guitar sounds truly fast and killer, and delivers a punkish stench throughout all the song. The band released another Split CD or something before they paused. Anyway, this one is recommended as hell. – Victor Varas

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