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CORSAIR “Corsair”

Shadow Kingdom Records

This is an excellent album forged in the true spirit of 70’s rock, mixed with progressive elements, psychedelic breath and heavy metal ala NWOBHM. Actually, they caught the essence of pure rock, and deliver really good songs. The guitar work is quite organic, and you can hear the valve distortion on every note, and that’s a trade mark of the sound. Also, is remarkable the way they create dynamic tempo changes, which definitely are rooted in progressive rock such as Pink Floyd, King Crimson, ELP, etc. Everything is tied with melodic lines and a great musical performance. Another aspect to underline is the Thin Lizzy’s vibes on songs like “Chaemera” and “Mach”, and both are awesome. Of course, this band has a big spirit of heavy metal, and all guitar riffs are done with guts and strong attitude. The last track The “Desert” closes the opus with magnificence, digital effects and atmospheric guitars, and shows the notable influence of Robert Fripp’s legacy on guitars. All in all, this is an excellent album of rock, and you can’t miss it if you are into the new wave of old style heavy metal, and psychedelic rock. – Victor Varas 

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