FLESHDOLL (France) Review

Fleshdoll Animal Factory Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

FLESHDOLL “Animal Factory”

Pervade/Manitou Music

What a piece of brutal death metal, coming from France! This album is made of massive blood, violence and brutality. And from these aspects I can define the style in the whole CD, because all songs are forged from truly ferocious guitar riffs, twisted drum sections, and deep guttural vocals.  I really liked the high octane guitar riffs, which are totally down tuned to hell, and create a solid wall of sound on every compass. I also want to underline the excellent performance of bass guitar, which denotes an experimented musician following every guitar riffs like a fucking master. All songs have singular personality, but my favorite is “Go dig your Grave in the Sand”, which is a complex song with different sections (one of them is semi acoustic, like Arabian atmosphere) and delivers an interesting stench of modern thrash metal, with class and technique. After all, this is a good album, for those who are looking for distinct/creative death metal bands, influenced by brutality. – Victor Varas



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