MEN AT ARMS (Mexico) Review

Men at Arms Real Men Wear Black Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

MEN AT ARMS “Real Men Wear Black”

Hall Factory

I clearly remember when these guys impressed the audiences on local live shows, because of the spikes and leather outfit. They truly seemed like a metal warriors with swords, and the music they used to play was aggressive, crude and luciferin. After a couple of Low –Fi demos, they released a Live DVD at the end of 90’s, and then this demo, which was the new material of the promising upcoming album. Unfortunately the band split up, and as far as I know, this was the last legacy. Actually, what I got in my hands is a CD, and is a re edition of the tape. Zephyroth (vocal) kindly gave it to me, just for the old times. It includes only two songs, “Demonium – Dominium” and “The Outcast”, and both are forged with truly aggressive guitar riffs, and fast blackened vocals. . “The Outcast” is an excellent example of these guys’ creativity, and divides the opus in different sections, all perfectly tied by satanic guitar riffs, violent atmospheres and chaotic metal attacks. Although the production sounds crude and direct to your balls (and I think someone re mixed it), definitely doesn’t shows a minimum percentage of the invaluable experience of watching the band on stage. I testified a brief reunion of the band, in a birthday party, some years ago. It’s a shame that this band is not longer active, no more. – Victor Varas 

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