PSYCHOGOD (Rumania) Review

Psychogod Alone Review at Zombie Ritual Zine


Self Released

This is a young and promising metal band coming from Rumania. Although they formed in 2009, seems to be quite experienced people, as they are looking for a style, adding solid elements from different groovy styles. I liked the way they manage guitar riffs on eclectic drum bases, and everything sounds tied with professionalism and guts. Also, they know about the old school style in death metal, and they add quite significant atmospheres throughout the music. Some sprinkles of melodic stuff here and there (like on “Against the war”) denotes a band looking for identity, and is just a matter of time they will find it. I haven’t said that vocalist is a woman? Well, Cristina Ionescu did an excellent job, and truly she left pieces of throat in the microphone. The vocal range is huge, and she uses hers, extremely deep, violent, and rotten. As I said before, they are an experienced band looking for identity, and this is a matter of time.
It’s a great work from Rumanian underground metal scene. – Victor Varas

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