Infernal Tenebra New Formed Revelations Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

INFERNAL TENEBRA “New Formed Revelations”

Massacre Records

I don´t know much about the scene in Croatia, but there´s one band that is very interesting and refreshing to hear. Infernal Tenebra started in the late 90´s and their only have some demos and one studio album (“The Essence Of Chaos” edited in 2007) “New Formed Revelation” is their new record edited by Massacre Records in this month and It´s a real surprise. Modern Death metal with some kind of groove and melodies, aggressive vocals, nice guitar riffs, and powerful drumming make this project promising. Infernal Tenebra is mostly influenced by bands like Morbid Angel but sometimes they mix their style with the classic sound of Gothenburg, basically in the structure of the songs, just a little touch, they try to make their own sound mixing old school and modern Death Metal, trying to find a balance and a distinctive sound. This album in particular has only 8 songs but I think it´s was a good decision to make the album relatively short (just 38 minutes in total), in full context makes a nice experience and has nice flow.  All songs are really great, from the start with “Entropia” to the last note of “Damage Control” this album never decays. Their single “Blood Stained Canvas“is a good example of what this band can deliver. “New Formed Revelation” its punch after punch. It’s nice when an album surprises you in a good way from a country that is so far away and which I did not know anything about it.
Now I can say for sure which is my favorite band from Croatia. – Pablo Barrios

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