ENTICER (Mexico) Review

Enticer Senseless Boring Life Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

ENTICER “Senseless Boring Life”

Self Released

This is the Grindcore project where Uriel Aguillon (Gutwrench, Rotting Away, Morbicus) is involved. Yes, as you may suppose, this is rooted in the most crude, dirty and rude side of the genre created by old Terrorizer, old Napalm Death, the earliest Brutal Truth, etc. and Uriel really knows the business because the result truly sounds rabid and holocaustic. This demo contains only two songs, and both have lyrics into critique of mass media, vicious mental dose, and anti system attitude. Of course, is not the most original theme, nor the most original music, but if you are on the late 30s, you will love this shit and the buzz coming from the fucking bass guitar, if you know what I mean. I’m waiting for the next release from this trio. – Victor Varas

Contact:  uriel0617 (arroba) yahoo.com

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