NECROVEN (Spain) Review

Necroven Worship of Humiliation Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

NECROVEN “Worship of Humiliation”

Memento Mori

Shit!! This is an excellent solo project from Jonathan Reina (Winterstorm, Apostles of Perversion). After two promising demos, the debut album was something that the band truly deserved it, and it steps strong in the international death metal scene. The album contains 11 tracks full of putrid guitar riffs, black miasma and horrible (in a good sense) tunes. Indeed, the sound delivers a rotten atmosphere through excellent guitar riffs, in low tuned position, if you know what I mean. It sounds like if you go back to the early 90’s in USA, (specifically in the area of Pennsylvania and New York) when death metal bands spread a death breath into the metal underground. This Spanish motherfucker knows the origins of the genre, and added this “brute” touch to the music. The result is quite effective and sounds heavy as a smoke of venomous air. I would pick more than one track as favorite, such as “Tormented Till’ Death” or “Malediction in Dormant Obscurity”, this last one is an excellent death metal example with references to the most dark, carnivore and scatological side of the genre, jumping from mid pace atmospheres to total war consecrations. Again, Spanish underground hits the death metal field with a dead jewel. Recommended!! – Victor Varas

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