DOOM’S DAY (Canada)

Doom's Day The Unholy Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

DOOM’S DAY “The Unholy”

PRC Music (Digital Format)

As said in the info sheet statement, this band based in Quebec, Canada generated an excellent album of obscured heavy metal, with some sprinkles of doom rock music here and there. Yes, as you can imagine, the musical roots of this band comes from 80’s and sounds like Merciful Fate, Black Sabbath, or even horror music such as (old) Misfits. And that’s the neural point of this band. They dared to mix neutral and obscured heavy metal with traces of punkish stuff, like if the balance of day and night decides to go for the darkness. Well, today I’m not drunk and I can say that this album deserves to be heard by old motherfuckers who are worshiping now the Swedish band Ghost. I know that this Canadians will not be as popular as those Gaspers, but they really have the blood infected by darkness, horror and thick liquids. I liked songs like “Your Last Breath” which is a piece of darkness mid pace rooted in a wall blood, and all elements make great contrasts with the parsimonious voice of DooM. The result is truly fantastic. My favorite in the album is “Ghost of Fate”, a song where they put more velocity and power, besides a synthesizer sounding right in the background. Time shall tell, but I think that sooner or later this album will reach a higher status. P.S. Don’t confuse with Mexicans DOOMSDAY!!! – Victor Varas

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