MEGASCAVENGER Descent of Yuggoth Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

MEGASCAVENGER  “Descent of Yuggoth”

Selfmadegod Records

It’s another band coming from Rogga‘s mastermind? YES and nothing seems to stop this prolific motherfucker, absolutely master of putrid death metal Swedish trademark. After an excellent debut EP called “Songs of Flesh”, Rogga has time (between his multiple releases in 2012) to make this monster death metal project, where he is still covering a huge rotten sound in the vein of his own national style. Of course you will find excellent tracks made with absolute power, and the weight of deadly guitar riffs is now a reason to pay attention to this shit. As always, Rogga have managed time to develop an understandable personality, and almost different from others projects, and that denotes the high quality of his musical work. You know, solid guitar riffs, rotten and truly “old school” vocals and an “underground” atmosphere in the whole album, all are characteristic elements to this low-down tuned opus. The result is tremendous as he could find the exactly point of convergence, from early Autopsy sound, to the more established death metal sound coming from Netherlands and UK at the beginning of 90’s. It’s very recommended to people with rotten tastes, and “sophisticated“minds. Btw, on this album appear numerous guest musicians, such as Paul Speckmann, Eric Daniels, P. Mameli, Marc Grewe, Swanö, etc, so you’ve already know what is this shit about. – Victor Varas

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