MALICHOR (Australia) Review

Malichor Ancient Brew Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

MALICHOR “Ancient Brew”

Self Released

A couple of months ago, I reviewed the EP “Lurkers in the Crypt”, and I really enjoyed this black/thrash sound coming from Melbourne. This time they delivered another EP containing four pieces of putrid old metal spirited inspired in Lovecraft’s literature. Hell, this band knows how to handle excellent poisonous guitar riffs, and every single note is forged in the name of old warriors like Sodom, Venom, or early Desaster. All tracks have the same dark miasma into holocaustic melodies, and the result fits perfect with D. Defiler’s throat. It sounds demonic and totally old school if you know what I mean, as he spits violent Black metal in a thrash metal vein. My favorite is “Delirum” which contains a deadly guitar line into a barbaric drum rhythm. Besides, the band sounds truly compact and tied as hell. I wonder when the full length album is going to appear. This is a perfect choice if you are looking for great underground pieces of red fire colored metal, and if you want to meet a horde of Lovecraft’s worshippers.  – Victor Varas 

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