Psilocybe Larvae Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

PSILOCYBE LARVAE “The Labyrinth of Penumbra”

Buil2kill Records

This is an interesting band coming from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Somehow, the obscure sound and the atmospheric mixtures on the whole album recall me Swedish Tiamat, when they decided to evolve into more matured music. These Russians have incredible musical skills, and they also make a close approach to progressive stuff with good taste and dark color melodies. The base is on different instrumentation, and that’s a trademark for the style developed. They use a lot of different sections and also created different lines full of complexity and great tempo changes, but without falling in false pretensions. As I said before, they’ve got a nice approach to progressive music, and they absolutely know the flooring where they are standing, creating good tracks like “Shinning Shambhala”, and “Fortress of Time”; both of them navigate from different moves and deliver brilliant results. Also, the keyboards are a significant factor in the compositions because of the high quality wall of sound used as a background, and tying the melodies with good sense. My favorite is “Trial by Fire”, which is an excellent song forged in the purest progressive metal music, with no arrogant attitudes, nor stupid structures. This is an album with eclectic references, and all the tracks are floating on what seems to be a great mix of progressive rock, with blackened/aggressive vocals and melodic backgrounds. Highly recommended. – Victor Varas

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