FATAL IMPACT (Norway) Review

Fatal Impact Esoteric Review at Zombie Ritual Fanzine


Nadir Music

This is a very interesting power metal album coming from Norway. The band steps into the modern sound of Europeans heavy /power metal bands, but it seems that they don’t make it with happy melodies, or over acted attitudes. These guys created excellent stuff based in solid guitar riffs, approaches to progressive metal music, and an obscured touch which is crawling throughout the whole album. And I think that’s the trademark in the band: obscured melodies and heavy riffs, all tied with the powerful voice of Jorn Oyhus, who developed an own style in the vein of melodic power metal in the beginning of last decade. Actually, the whole production sounds powerful, just listen to the thick distortion at guitars department, and the final result. This band has a strong knowledge in traditional heavy metal, and progressive rock spirited, so you will hear influences from different sources (even some guttural vocals over there). As aforementioned, the axis in composition is the obscure melodies which sometimes sound quite complex and technical. It’s a good album coming from the Top of the world, recommended for those who enjoy melody, eclectic guitars and powerful male vocals (no high screams). – Victor Varas



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