Aetherium mors Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

AETHERIUM MORS “Drenched In Victorious Blood”

Self Released

Well, this is an album I would consider my first discovery of the year, as the high quality of material is brilliant. Coming from Plymouth, UK, this pair of musicians takes influences from different sources to create an excellent black/death metal music, with evil spirited force and a large list of musical resources. They are mainly poisoned by the vein of Dissection, in the middle of 90’s, but also they are looking for new horizons in obscure melody, and the technique in guitar riffs is outstanding (just check out Dan’s awesome work on “Order of Talion”). Tracks like “Kingdom of Shadows” denotes this Swedish touch inside the vibes, as creeping souls in the darkness. Specifically on this track, the guitar’s work is excellent, as well as all the arrangements in the melodies. My favorite one is “The Fall of God”, which is an excellent melodic death metal example in the vein of latest work of Carcass; you know this solid and caustic rhythm guitars composed on an almost punkish base. As aforementioned, melody is something these motherfuckers developed masterfully, and every note has its place into the violent atmospheres. I have no more to say. This is just the beginning of something bigger as fucking hell. Ultra recommended!! – Victor Varas

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