DOCUMENT 6 (Germany) Review

Document 6 Das Vierte Reich Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

DOCUMENT 6 “Das Vierte Reich”

Self Released

I had to listen to this album a couple of times more, just to understand the mix between old hard core sound with death metal, thrash metal, and traces of grind metal. Yes, is quite abnormal and twisted this stuff, but also is quite understandable, since the album was recorded with guts and young hearts. Coming from Heinsberg, Germany these guys created a good sound taking influences from different sources, mainly hard core and metal of dead. The result is solid and decently chaotic, but there are many things to make clear, and in order to get an own personality.  Guitar riffs are crushing, and they transmit holocaustic atmospheres. I liked their approaches to punkish melodies, and that’s an extra point to the style. Somehow, this band keeps a raw style and mixes with modernity, and that’s not bad at all. They just have to stop for a moment and decide which road they are going, if you know what I mean. My favorite is “POGO” which is an excellent song for live shows. Solid guitar riffs, killer drums, and a rabid vocalist, perfect for a real pogo!! The whole band has many musical resources, and is just a matter of time. – Victor Varas

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