AXECUTER (Brazil) Review

AXECUTER Metal is Invincible review at Zombie Ritual Zine

AXECUTER “Metal is Invincible”

Infernö Records

The new release of this French metal label is astonishing, and surely will blow the mind of old metal warriors. Guys from Axecuter have created an excellent album of old heavy metal and it sounds raw and direct to your fucking testicles. From the first track you can feel the iron running through your veins. After a couple of demos, and the willing of release a piece of rusted metal, these motherfuckers recorded a debut album full of the dirtiest and strongest side of heavy metal, and the sound is very rooted on classic’s from NWOBHM. Actually, they are not young at this business. They’ve been active in other genres, but this band works, and works good. Tracks like “Keep on Sinning” with a massive drums set and totally crazy vocals, will definetely wake you up from your chair. This is heavy metal raw and rusty, like a fucking old locomotive. Also, I liked this epic atmosphere running through out every single guitar riff. My favorite one is “No God, No Devil (Worship Metal!)” which is a true hymn to the metallic music. On this album is included a cover version of Manilla Road’s “Heavy Metal to the World”, and it seems that the band invited Mark Shelton himself as guest vocals. Awesome debut album! – Victor Varas

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